ta da!

charityAnd so here it is … new blog, new look, and (someday soon) a new book.

Thank you for all the requests for access to my private site … but the truth is the site wasn’t made private so that I could go all incognito on y’all.  I just didn’t know how to shut it down while I was making it pretty without shutting it down forever, so …


Busy-ness has been my life, both with work and with writing and with just plain ol’ living.  It’s been a banner year at the Clark homestead.  My son became a Marine.  My daughter became a flight attendant.  I became an analyst.  (Whoa.  Way boring.)  And I’m up way too late in a hotel room near Pittsburgh on the last night of a business trip putting the finishing touches on a woefully neglected blog.

So.  Time for the writing stuff.  Your messages, Facebook posts, Tweets, comments, emails and smoke signals have all reached me.  I’m humbled and grateful and completely overwhelmed, so if I haven’t gotten back to you, I apologize.  Deluges being what they are and all.  Quite a good “problem” to have, though.  So I’ll answer some of the questions here:

  • Yes, Mercy is still coming out.
  • No, I don’t know exactly when. My editor and I have had the best intentions, but his life has been even more eventful than mine, as he has recently become a father.  : )  (Ridiculously cute little girl.)  So he’s a bit behind, but it’s still in the works … promise!  I’m personally not rushing him, either, so I appreciate your continued patience.
  • Yes, Mercy will be available in all eBook formats.

I know some of you are a bit put out with me and with the delays.  It’s been a quite a ride with Mercy, but that sort of suits her personality, anyway.  I do hope you’ll find it in your hearts to forgive us.

Pumpkin time for me : )  One more meeting tomorrow, then a flight back to the South, where I belong.  Sleep tight, lovelies!


8 thoughts on “ta da!

  1. Hi Deneane,
    what are you busy with your life say. Thank you for the lovely neuws. I’m still waiting for Mercy. It’s all good. Mothers and they are always busy, it’s just so.

    Greetings from Antonia (Netherlands)
    ps: This year has been very commendable for my, I was sick and thanks to your book I’ll get better!!


  2. Hello Deneane,
    I am wondering if there is any news about when Mercy will be released yet. I cant Wait to read it and I also hope you are writing more books, Love you writing. Hoping to see future books


  3. I think there is a problem with your site. Every time I go on there or try to ask if there is an update it shuts my browser down. I hope all is well for you. Let us know if there are any updates on release date. Merry Christmas and Happy new year, to you and yours

    Tavonia Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2013 04:04:28 +0000 To: tavonia_4@hotmail.com


  4. I’m very disappointed with this series. I really enjoyed all the books & was really looking forward to Mercy (one of my most looked forward to books). I check your facebook page, and this website all hoping for a little information. But I guess there isn’t any, I think I am about to give up and just assume we will never see Mercy :(


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