oh … Mercy, Mercy me …



It was love at first sight for thirteen-year-old Mercy Ackerly. The second she encountered the traveling Duke of Blackthorne, she fell in love…with his horses. And since Sebastian Tremaine was also perfect, they would someday be man and wife.

From the start, Sebastian has felt oddly protective of Mercy. Delightfully straightforward, the girl is everything honest and sweet, which is why he approved when his best friend married into the family—and then so did his other friends. But now Mercy’s all grown up. Now she will face the ton’s matchmaking mamas and their deceitful daughters, will join a world he despises, be it the ballrooms and routs or the opulent crush. He would shield her if he could, would do anything but entangle his heart.

Sebastian will fight the inevitable for as long as he can. And then he’ll fight for it. Some matches are schemed for, some are arranged, and some have just been coming for a long, long time.


19 thoughts on “oh … Mercy, Mercy me …

  1. Yay! Yay! Yay! I am super excited and summer is right around the corner! I know the first book to be added to my beach bag. Congrats!


  2. I’m certain you are as excited about this as the rest of us! Another reason to wish summer would hurry up and get here.
    You’ll let us know when & where, right?


  3. So excited hopefully for you and us,
    that Mercy will be out this summer!
    I know as a fan of your books I am
    Anxious for the book, but I know that can’t
    Began to touch how you feel. So here is hoping
    We all get what we are chomping at the bit


  4. I’m excited that the release date is around the corner, but I can’t find it anyway to pre-order. How is it being released?


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