Love & Mayhem at the Francie June Memorial Trailer Park



I don’t review books often. It isn’t because I don’t want to review books. It’s just that I so seldom get a chance to actually read a book anymore. I used to devour books. I’d read them, and if there was nothing new to read, I’d reread something I had handy. Once my own books began to be published, however, I found it almost impossible to read something while I was also writing something. My voice would get all mixed up with the voice of the author I was reading, and I found it impossible to immerse myself in one world while trying to create another one.

Once the edits on Mercy were complete, however, I promised myself I would find some time for reading, and I downloaded several books from my want list into my Kindle. Happily, the first one into which I dove was Love & Mayhem at the Francie June Memorial Trailer Park, by Karen G. Berry.

Insanely funny, this murder mystery is filled with a collection of colorful characters who could only possibly exist in a trailer park named for a dead country singer in a somewhat forsaken section of the California desert. Everyone’s preparing for the annual talent show when the body of a (questionable) man of God appears right smack in the middle of Sweetly Dreaming Lane. Madness touches every character you meet, and just when you think you’ve gotten to know them all, another quirky resident shows up, spinning the entire mystery in an entirely new direction. Clues are woven throughout, but you’ll be so distracted and charmed by the antics of these people you’ll find you’ve entirely missed them along the way. Before you know it, the end approaches, you’re plunked in a chair watching the talent show, and you realize you only have a few pages left to learn who killed the Right Reverend Henry Heaven.

Strongly recommended, friends : )


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