hrmmm …

Mercy_Final… apparently I made it snow here. Which is pretty much the biggest thing that’s happened on this blog in a while. I get caught up, you see, in stuff that doesn’t really fit on this blog, and stuff I’m writing (or preparing to write) and I forget that a whole buncha you check things out here.

Which reminds me. Here isn’t really here anymore.

This used to be I was hosted on GoDaddy and constantly forgot when it was time to renew my domain and then when I’d remember, I’d head over there and TRY to renew, but I could never remember my password and/or account number, blah blah blah, etc. So I decided to go all streamlined and just pay WordPress what I was paying GoDaddy, So now it’s and it’s not Ribbons and Romance because was that ever really me? Really? Not really.

You totally wanted to know all that, right?

Soooo … I’ll update on social media at some point. Probably around 2am, because I keep getting distracted by image searching awesomely creepy Christmas pictures.



I have been writing, though. I’m building the groundwork on the angel/demon series I started as blog posts years ago. It’ll be a six book collection called The After Series, but the stories will not be interconnected like the Virtue Series. There will be some character crossover in a couple of the stories, but nothing too major and definitely not plot-impacting. AND … I’m building an accompanying blog/website, which will be a new and (I hope) interesting experience for me and for you. No pending contract either, so no looming deadlines …

… just the mind-numbing fear of not finding a home for it. No big.

Anyhoo, that’s where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing and we’re all caught up now. Enjoy the snow. I have no idea how to turn it off. : )


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