Of Ackerlys and Angels

Mercy_FinalSooo … what have you been up to? Me? Well, I’ve been doing … stuff. You know how it is. I could type my standard apology in here about not posting often enough, not keeping the world informed, and all the various other things I’ve not been doing, but it occurred to me that you haven’t kept me up to date on your life either.

So we’re even : ) (Logic according to deneane elise.)

I was done with the Ackerly girls, you know. I had planned a four book series. I wrote a four book series. The publishing world changed midway through that series and I ended up slogging through the swamps just to give birth to MERCY, but she made it out into the world, after which I took a deep breath and considered my mission accomplished.

It appears your fictional children, much like your biological children, always come home. That means, yup. I’m at it again. Or perhaps the Ackerlys are at it again. Recalcitrant baggage, every last one of them.

I will be joining two of my fellow Regency authors, Alanna Lucas and Charlotte Russell, in a Christmas anthology with a spinoff novella of the Virtue series called HOPE. You should seriously go check out their books if you’ve not had a chance to do so before the anthology hits the digital shelves … they’re both fabulous.

Also, an unexpected side benefit of working on HOPE meant I bounced a couple ideas off my editor before we hit upon one we both liked. Ideas, much like Ackerlys, though, really get under your skin, and I found I wasn’t able to let them go. So there will be two more full-length novels to come out in 2016 as companion novels to the Virtue Series. The sisters will be featured, of course, as they can’t seem to keep their matchmaking little fingers to themselves, but the books will be about two entirely new heroines: PRUDENCE and TEMPERANCE.

Thank you so much for all the notes of support and inquiry, both here and on my various social networks. It means so very much to me that my girls have found a home with so many of you. Stay tuned … I’ll update with links and a cover photo as soon as all the things with dots have dots, the things with crossy things have crossy things, and all the other stuffage falls into place.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving : )


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