research rocks : )

YuletideI have recently had the great good fortune to share space in a Regency Christmas anthology called 3 Yuletide Wishes with Charlotte Russell and Alanna Lucas, who are not only wonderful writers, but just damn good people, too.

One of the beautiful things about this majorly interconnected world is that just when I thought I’d researched the bloody heck out of Regency period, just when I thought I’d wrung all the knows there were to know of that particular slice of history, someone goes and learns me sumpin’ new.

That someone, in this case, is Charlotte Russell.

Charlotte has written an amazing article called The Finger Alphabet on Madame Gilflurt’s blog about the history of educating the deaf in England. I highly recommend hopping on over there and checking it out, whether you’re a reader of historical romance, a writer who adores excellently researched tidbits, or someone who might have an interest in the subject matter. Did you know, for instance, that American and English sign languages have entirely different alphabets? I did not.

Thanks, Charlotte : )


2 thoughts on “research rocks : )

  1. Awww, thank you, Deneane! I love researching the little bits that come of nowhere when you are writing. In this instance, I didn’t really need to use the information about the education of the deaf in Regency England, but I needed to KNOW about it, so that I would know the world my heroine lived in.


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